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Aimee Hall

Multidimensional Energy Healer & Life Coach

Healing is my passion and purpose. I understand we all face unique challenges along our healing journeys. The pace of life, family obligations, careers, and trauma all create the patterns of behavior we subconsciously reinforce along the way.  What do I do as a healer and coach? I assess where the blocked energy is being stored in your body, remove the barriers, and realign your energy body. This is followed up with support to get you back to your authentic self.

Donations go to Reiki services for people in need. 

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Balancing the light and the darkness

As an Energy Healer and Intuitive Life Coach, I have 10+ years experience in this field. Specific areas include: trauma, mental health, crisis management, parenting, foster/adoption issues, LGBTQ+, and interpersonal navigation. Together we will develop an individualized goal plan, and remove the roots of the issues that challenge you everyday.

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Universal life force energy

Reiki is a non intrusive healing energy that works through the body's chakra system. Restoring the natural energy flow of the body.

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Life Coach

Intuitive Coaching

Connecting into your energy field, assisting you in identifying what undesirable aspects of your life have been running on auto pilot, then designing a tailored plan to course correct


Multidimensional Healing

Psychic Surgery

This is a multi-layer process including cutting energetic cords, realigning chakras, clearing out trauma.

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From the Source

I was suffering from shingles, with active sores on my face. The very next morning I woke up without any symptoms or sores!


Aimee is amazing! She was able to help me through some of the biggest challenges of my life!


I was an orphan kitten only a few days old. I was unable and uninterested in eating. My life force was slipping away... Today I'm a healthy, playful, and thriving kitten.

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